As one of the members of Polymer-Group TechnoCompound has supplied the plastics processing industry for 25 years with tailor-made plastic compounds. Since its foundation in 1990 the company has developed with exceptional dynamics and high growth rates. This is owed primarily to TechnoCompound’s customers who accompanied the company along its way. Together with them TechnoCompound has made available a wide range of solutions and formulations in the field of technical compounds meeting individual requirements.

Hence the name TechnoCompound is synonymous for specific, high-quality and cost-efficient plastic compounds, developed based on the latest findings and produced on state-of-the-art production lines. The wide product range of functionally modified plastics encompasses PBT, PA, PET, TPE and PP compounds as well as long glass fiber reinforced granules based on various matrix polymers (e.g. PP, PA).

The latter – TechnoFiber PP LGF and TechnoFin PP GF products – offer exceptional development potential. 
Both product lines offer solutions to substitute high value raw material groups and are able to meet the demanding odor and emissions requirements of the automotive industry.

With more than 80% of sales the automotive industry represents the largest market. However, the non-automotive applications as in e.g. consumer goods (power tools) or products for the construction industry have been growing strongly. Recently TechnoCompound has begun to supply the agricultural and packaging film industry with bio-based and biodegradable plastic compounds.

Facts on TechnoCompound

  • 80 employees
  • Capacity: 60,000 t
  • 7 production lines
  • Sales: 65 Mio. €