Products & Applications

TechnoCompound develops and produces high quality, tailor-made compounds for the plastics processing industry worldwide, such as the automotive, electronics or packaging industries.

The success of TechnoCompound is based to a great measure on the success of its customers. We strive to develop a deep understanding for our customers’ commercial ambitions in order to develop the right product at the right time. Our technical know-how combined with our capacity to adapt flexibly to our customers’ needs enable us to develop custom-made products, which guarantee our customers a long-term market advantage.

TechnoCompound offers a broad range of products and services. We have accumulated extensive know-how in the core sectors over the years and are continuously searching for new ways and materials in order to further increase the market success of our customers.

Polyolefine Compounds

Impressive properties and excellent surfaces

The TechnoFin product line offers a wide range of standard products as well as customer-specific solutions. Generally filler and reinforcing materials such as talc or glass fiber are used.

Engineering Compounds

Impressive properties paired with high cost-effectiveness

TechnoCompound’s line of Engineering Plastics offers a great number of interesting raw material groups such as PET, PBT, TPE and PA as well as common blends. In order to meet the demands of high application temperatures as well as specific mechanical requirements, additives are used in addition to filler and reinforcing materials. 

LGF Compounds

From optimal impact resistance to low emissions

Due to sophisticated and innovative production technology TechnoCompound is able to produce TechnoFiber long glass fiber compounds for all kinds of applications. In this context the achievement of high quality standards and high cost-effectiveness are of particular importance.

Biodegradable Compounds

Resource-saving and environmentally compatible

Under the product name BioBatch TechnoCompound offers sustainable solutions. The focus of our product development for film applications is on biodegradability and compostability in accordance with DIN EN 13432 and ASTM D6400 by DIN CERTCO as well as on the use of bio-based raw materials whenever this is possible.