Engineering Plastics

The line Engineering Plastics pairs high cost efficiency with impressive properties. There is a great number of interesting material groups as well as common blends to choose from or can be developed according to our customers’ specifications.

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TechnoDur PBT-compounds are characterized by hardness, stiffness and strength. Paired with excellent flow, slip and wear characteristics as well as favorable impact resistance at below zero temperatures, our PBT compounds offer ideal solutions to a multitude of customer requirements.


TechnoElast TPE-compounds combine the elasticity and softness of elastomers with the advantages of thermoplastic processing. Easy processing, short cycle times as well as the possibilities offered by multi-component injection molding (e.g. TechnoFin PP housing with TechnoElast sealing) plus easy recyclability are further benefits of our TechnoElast product line.


The TechnoPet-line consists of glass fiber reinforced as well as UV stabilized compounds for exterior applications. TechnoPet compounds are characterized by high stiffness and temperature resistance as well as dimensional stability combined with excellent surface properties. Compared with other technical plastics they represent an economically advantageous solution.


The TechnoMid product portfolio consists of PA6, PA66 and Copolyamid PA66/6 compounds made of virgin materials as well as types based on recycled materials of varying composition. TechnoMid stands out due to excellent mechanical strength, high thermal and impact resistance even at low temperatures. By means of additional modifications the impact resistance can be increased significantly and frictional and slip properties can be improved. It is also possible to modify a compound to suit a specific application.