TechnoFiber Compounds

TechnoFiber represents our most innovative long glass fiber compounds which we have been distributing for more than 10 years on the European, Asian and North American markets. Our portfolio grows with the increasing and changing market and customer demands. For this reason a wide range of high quality technical and economically advantageous long glass fiber compounds is available. 

TechnoFiber PP LGF – Premium

The premium TechnoFiber line focuses mainly on the implementation of challenging odor and emissions requirements and represents a benchmark on the long glass fiber market.
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TechnoFiber PP LGF – Performance

TechnoFiber performance grades are applied in technically sophisticated applications and offer the applicant cost-effective solutions
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TechnoGreen PP LGF – Green Materials

The TechnoGreen product line was initially developed especially for automotive underbody applications. Meanwhile TechnoGreen has a wide range of applications where environmental and price awareness go hand in hand with distinctive technical properties.
Contact us and be surprised by the technical possibilities of this product group.
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TechnoFiber – High End

If your requirements cannot be met by PP-based long glass fiber compounds please ask for our polyamide-based or carbon fiber material grades.

We would be pleased to receive a description of your requirements submitted via our request form on this website in order to send you our product recommendations.